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Working POCRG Repeaters

Newport area on Cooks Mountain:  

Future Repeaters' Progress

November 13, 2020 from Mark Ford KA7LAS Pend Oreille County Radio Group

147.120 repeater (on Cooks Mountain) is working great. Thanks to all of you who made this happen. Coverage goes east to Sandpoint and north to about Blueslide. This is currently channel 22 on the POCRG programming channel line up.

GMRS Repeaters:
We currently have one on Cooks and that repeater is doing great (thanks to Shannon for letting us use it and Karl for the tech help and antenna mount). (POCRG 675 Is up and running on Cooks. PL 141.3 Open Travel Repeater CW ID WQQY298)

Shannon Mossman found a good deal on a GMRS repeater. I'm picking it up on ebay.

We currently have one on Cooks and that repeater is doing great (thanks to Shannon for letting us use it and Karl for the tech help and antenna mount).

Another GMRS will be located in Usk and a third in Priest River. More on that when we get them up and running. This will bridge comms with folks who do not wish to get their ham radio license but may not be opposed to getting their GMRS License. GMRS serves another purpose too. It at times acts as a progressive approach to more involvement in radios altogether. I've had many folks start with the BaoFengs and then move on to better quality radios. Some folks start with GMRS then go on to get their ham license.

Portable GMRS Repeater:
The next GMRS repeater build will be a small tactical/portable repeater which can be deployed just about anywhere. This can be used for non-emergency events such as Down River Days, Pow-wow, and marathons to emergency events such as SAR, power outages, evacuations, and disasters. This unit will be made available to local fire and law agencies as well as local community needs. The portable repeater should be operational within the next 30 days.

2 Meter/440 repeaters from Ione
Karl, Shannon and I picked up the 2 meter and 440 repeaters from Ione. Karl, our radio tech, will try to breathe life back into them.The repeaters were donated to POCRG. We need to be sure to thank Carrie (Jerry Spaulding's significant other) for donating them. I told her there were 3 conditions to the donations. 1. We would do everything to get them back on the air. 2. We would find a suitable location within the Tiger/Ione Community so that the community would benefit from them. 3. They would be known officially/unofficially as the "Spaulding Repeaters" in honor of Jerry.

Site Locations / Site Surveys:
Karl did a preliminary trip to Abercrombie Peak, where we have permission from the county to set up repeaters as needed. Abercrombie is located north of Metaline at 7,000 feet and would make a great location. He didn't make it all the way up due to the recent snow but did get some preliminary data.

Finally, we will not turn away donations at this time. GMRS repeaters are running just under 500.00 to build out. These repeaters will allow interoperability between hams and those that are non-licensed hams. Those folks can simply obtain a GMRS license through the FCC, ULS via a FRN number first.

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